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Forklift Rules For Use in the KEC

The following guidelines for the operation of forklifts in the KEC must be followed at all times.

  1. All propane tanks must be removed at night and set outside the building.
  2. Forklift use is restricted to the exhibit hall housing the exhibitors display and may not be used for transportation in the KEC.
  3. Exhibitors may not assist other exhibitors with their freight.
  4. Exhibitors may not drive forklifts on the dock, or try to retrieve their own packing crates or cases from KEC storage.
  5. Drivers must sound horns upon making corner turns, or in any situation where their view is partially blocked.
  6. Forklifts must be driven with forks low to the ground.
  7. Drivers must follow OSHA guidelines for safety.
  8. All forklift operators, under new OSHA guidelines
    a) must have taken safety training;
    b) must have passed that training and been certified as such;
    c) their certificate must be current; and
    d) they must be able to provide proof of their certificate, if requested.

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