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What’s a Caucus and what do they do?

A Caucus is a group organized by Members of Congress who have an interest in a special area or industry. They hold educational meetings and sometimes help as a cohesive group to support certain legislation in their area of interest - like RVing and camping! One of the benefits of having an RV Caucus is the Co-Chairs in the House and Senate will have at least one staff person assigned to the caucus, which means RV industry partners have a constant and streamlined contact with our allies on the Hill.

Who started the House RV Caucus?

The House RV Caucus was established by Rep. Dennis A. Ross (R-FL-15), a lifetime RVer from Florida, and by Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN-02), whose district in Indiana holds many RV manufacturers and suppliers. Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV-1) has joined as co-chair of the House RV Caucus to show her support for the many campgrounds and RV parks in her district.

Who started the Senate RV Caucus?

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) recently established the Senate RV Caucus. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) enthusiastically joined as co-chair. Senators Donnelly and Ernst are delighted to support the RV industry!

Why do we need RV Caucuses?

RVing is an estimated $18 billion-a-year industry. We contribute to both the local and national economies. RVing touches every state of the Union, in manufacturing, sales, repair, rentals, and campgrounds. When you take into account all RV-related businesses across the country, the combined revenue would total $40 billion. You can see motorhomes, travel trailers – both traditional and fifth wheel, truck campers, folding camping trailers, and park model RVs in all corners of America, from the rural areas to the big cities, from the suburbs to large and small towns all across the country—literally from sea to shining sea. RVs are the quintessential All-American product -- made in America, made by Americans and made for Americans. It’s important for the industry to have a well-supported voice in Congress as this industry continues to grow.               


Past Events:

RVIA, in cooperation with the House RV Caucus, hosted the Great American RV Experience on July 23, 2014 and in cooperation with the Senate RV Caucus on June 3, 2015The purpose of these events is to illustrate how the diverse parts of the RV industry work together to create great American outdoor experiences that also drive economic growth. The events have two components: first, the outdoor RV display; and secondly, the evening hosted campfire experience and cocktail reception.

Featured outdoors during the 2014 House RV Display, were two iconic American recreation vehicles – a 2014 Trend Type C Winnebago motorhome and an Airstream Silver Cloud 25’ travel trailer. The 2015 Senate RV Display featured a 2016 Newmar Canyon Star Type A motorhome. Members of Congress and Hill staff toured these amazing RVs while enjoying an ice cream treat and a bottle of chilled water.

Once arriving at the campfire experience, guests picked up their Camp Guide, a card with a “map” of the event room and continued their RVing adventure.

Over 200 guests including Members of Congress, senior Hill staff, and allied industry representatives flowed into the Veterans' Affairs Committee Room, and over 250 guests including Senators, senior Hill staff, and allied industry representatives atteneded the Senate event held in 902 Hart Senate Office Building overlooking the Capitol dome and Washington Monument.

The guests were immersed in a familiar campsite environment that evokes strong positive memories of family road trips and childhood (or, perhaps, a trip taken just this past weekend!) They saw the familiar accouterment of this scene: foldout camping chairs, fishing poles, board games, checkered tablecloths. Subtle outdoor sounds played in the background to set the scene further: a crackling fire, chirping birds, and the call of a bullfrog. The familiar smell of hamburgers on the grill and macaroni and cheese filled the room. A graphic display added context by showing RV imagery, interspersed with fun facts about the impact of the RV industry around the United States.

The four themed campsites were demarcated by classic wooden campground signs. Guests strolled among the 4 campsites, guided by RV industry leaders acting as campsite hosts. Guests mingled with these industry leaders and engaged in a dialogue on RVing while enjoying cold frosty beverages, summery picnic foods, and delightful desserts, located near each campsite.

Featured during the House event, was Smokey Bear who brought his message of camping fire safety to our guests, and was swamped with Congressmen and other guests who wanted to snap their photo with the gentle giant. During the Senate event guests were able to have their photo taken in front of a green screen and magically appear in a RV campground setting!

Doug Gaeddert, RVIA Chairman (2013-2014) and general manager of Forest River RV, Inc. manned the podium, and special guests, the co-chairs of the House RV Caucus, Rep. Dennis A. Ross and Rep. Jackie Walorski, delivered brief remarks during the House event.

Derald Bontrager, RVIA Chairman and CEO of Jayco, Inc welcomed the crowd and introduced Senate RV Caucus co-chairs Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator Joni Ernst.

As Members of Congress and staff left the event, they received a Rolla Roaster campfire fork engraved with “RV Caucus – Go RVing S’more” and packaged with a personal S’more kit. 

















State of the RV Industry: 


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For more information or to join the House or Senate RV Caucus, please contact:

Sara Budsock, 202-225-1252 (Sara.Budsock@mail.house.gov​) - Rep. Dennis Ross’s office  

Brandt Anderson, 202-225-3915 (Brandt.Anderson@mail.house.gov​) - Rep. Jackie Walorski’s office

David Rosenbaum, 202-225-5965 (David.rosenbaum@mail.house.gov) - Rep. Dina Titus' office


Nick Catino, 202-224-4814 (Nick_Catino@donnelly.senate.gov) - Senator Donnelly's office

Andrea Hechavarria, 202-224-3254 (andrea_hechavarria@ernst.senate.gov) - Senator Ernst's office


Mike Ochs, 703-620-6003 x320 (mochs@rvia.org) - RVIA Government Affairs

Chris Bornemann, 703-620-6003 x317 (cbornemann@rvia.org) - RVIA Government Affairs


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