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Exhibit Security

RVIA is extremely pleased with the high level of security the show has enjoyed the last few years. To maintain our successful security program, we need the help of all exhibitors. Our experience shows that many exhibitors are complacent regarding the protection of their exhibits, thereby inviting theft by failure to exercise minimal security precautions. Therefore, in the interest of providing maximum exhibit security, we offer the following "Security Tips."

  • DO ship exhibits in sturdy containers which do not indicate contents. Your company name and your booth number must be clearly marked on all cartons and crates. Use the shipping labels in this Service Kit.
  • DO securely fasten all lightweight high-theft-risk items such as cameras, calculators, stereos, TV's, etc., to display boards or lock in show cases. Personal items of value should never be left in an unattended exhibit.
  • DO request overnight lockup of high-theft-risk display items. RVIA will assist you in arranging for secure storage of your equipment during non-show hours.
  • DO be careful with your show badge so that unauthorized personnel can't pick it up and use it to enter exhibit areas. Don't leave it lying around for anyone to pick up. Tear it up when you've finished with it.

DO NOT leave unpacked display material unattended during setup or removal hours. Make sure shipping containers are empty before being sent to crate storage during the show. On removal, pack, seal and address all containers for return shipment before leaving your booth.

DO NOT distribute shopping bags as an advertising method. They make show security very difficult during open hours, and your fellow exhibitors will thank you for not contributing to their loss risk. If you must use these bags - use the clear see-thru bags. See Terms and Conditions (Show Rules): Section 16 - Manufacturers; Section 18 - Suppliers.

REMEMBER To Lock Your Units Everyday At Close Of Show Before You Leave For The Day. We sincerely want your exhibit experience to be successful, satisfying and protected.

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