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Low Volt Electrical Requirements as specified by ANSI/RVIA LV Low Voltage System Standard.

  • Addresses the interfacing of the original chassis manufacturer and the RV manufacturer designs so as to be compatible.
  • Overcurrent protection tables and conductor (wire) sizing and protection criteria.
  • Requires listed lighting fixtures and other devices and appliances to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s written instructions.

120-Volt Electrical Requirements as specified in Article 551 and other applicable sections of NFPA 70, of the National Electrical Code.

  • Ground fault protected receptacles are specified where they are appropriate.
  • Only listed electrical fixtures, appliances, equipment and materials that have been labeled by nationally recognized testing agencies are allowed.
  • Dielectric tests are performed on the completed Recreation Vehicle to determine that the electrical system is installed correctly.

Fuel Systems and Equipment as specified in ANSI/NFPA 1192 Standard on RV’s.

  • Venting requirements for propane appliances are specified where necessary.
  • Propane piping sizes are required to ensure a propane supply that provides for proper appliance performance.
  • Over fill protection devices (OPD) are required on all installed propane containers.
  • Propane line routing and accessibility - all joints in propane lines must be accessible for periodic leak testing and repair. Lines may not be installed in spaces where a nail or screw could pierce the line.
  • Fuel burning appliances must be listed for RV use and labeled by a nationally recognized testing agency that has found the product to be suitable for its intended use.
  • Sealed combustion and direct venting to the outside is required for all propane appliances, except for gas ranges, to provide for a complete separation of the combustion chamber from the interior atmosphere.
  • Each propane system must be tested upon final assembly to determine proper leak-free performance.

Fire & Life Safety Requirements as specified in NFPA 1192 Standard for RVs.

  • Interior finish flame spread limitations are required.
  • Minimum exit facilities providing unobstructed travel to the outside of the vehicle must be available.
  • Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, CO detectors and Propane-Gas detectors are mandate based on applicable criteria.

Plumbing Systems as specified in ANSI/NFPA 1192 Standard for RVs.

  • Only listed plumbing devices, fixtures and appliances that have been labeled by nationally recognized testing agencies are allowed.
  • Water distribution systems are sized to provide adequate flow rate and designed to prevent backflow contamination.
  • Fixtures with traps and vents must be provided to protect against siphonage and back pressure.
  • Vents to release gases from any waste holding tank must be provided.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as specified in Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 Part 571.

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