Industry Profile 2016

The following report presents recreation vehicle wholesale shipment statistics for the calendar year 2016 in North American, including historical comparison of shipments over the past ten years.  It is designed to serve as a convenient reference tool reflecting current and emerging trends in the production, shipments to retailers and consumer demand for these vehicles.

Overall industry shipments to retailers have been broken down first by the two major industry categories of recreation vehicles, towables and motorhomes, and then further divided into the seven specific product types within each category.  Data include wholesale shipment totals, retail value of shipments, regional, state and provincial shipment destinations as well as product mix by vehicle length and chassis type.  In many of the exhibits we have presented data covering several years of shipments in an effort to provide the reader with a better perspective of emerging trends within the marketplace.

In a special consumer section we have presented a look at the RV owner, ownership rates, owner characteristics and the impact of changing owner demographics on the future sale of recreation vehicles.  

Finally, we have compared wholesale shipment totals to familiar macroeconomic indicators as a way to provide a clear perspective of the RV Industry as compared to the economy as a whole.  In addition, average wholesale and retail values by product type and vehicle production by state are presented for each vehicle type in this final section.


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