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Administrative Division

Contacts: Robert "Mac" Bryan, Vice President, Administration, ext. 334
Alice Wang, Director, Human Resources, ext. 329
Carolyn Wood, Accounting Director, ext. 340
Menges Tecle, IT and Market Information Manager ext. 360
Julianne McNulty, Member Services Coordinator; ext. 339
Telephone: (703) 620-6003
Members Only (800) 336-0154
  1. Accounts Receivable ..... Susan Strauss, Accounting Manager, ext. 351
  2. Membership Dues, Billing Procedures ..... Carolyn Wood, Director of Accounting, ext. 340
  3. Personnel, Oflice & Facilities Management ..... Alice Wang, Director, Human Resources, ext. 307
  4. Marketing Statistics. Monthly Shipments, Collection & Release ..... Menges Tecle, IT and Market information Mgt, ext. 360
  5. Receive and process orders for standards seals ..... Kevin Smith, Accounting Clerk, ext. 319
  6. Process Accounts Payable ..... Aarti Shah, Accounting Clerk, ext. 342
  7. Send and receive messages/faxes ..... Sean Bryan, Office Services Manager ext. 343
  8. Information Technology ..... Menges Tecle, IT and Market Information Manager, ext. 360
  9. Information Specialist ..... Julianne McNulty ext. 339


Accounting Department
Marketing Department
Membership Department
Office Services Department
Human Resources Department


Board Nominating Committee
Membership Committee
Market information Committee
Market Research Subcommittee
Supplier Committee
Outside Accountants
RVIA Treasurer
RV Roadsigns/lndustry Forecasts
Consumer Research
Strategic Planning

Membership Department

Contact: Diane Stuebing, Membership Services Coordinator ext. 314


  1. Membership Development
  2. Membership Data Coordination
  3. Membership Directory
  4. Membership Services
  5. Board of Directors Election


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