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Go RVing Communications Planning Study Available

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RV Perceptions & Purchase Motivators:
A Communications Planning Study

RV Perceptions & Purchase Motivators: A Communications Planning Study, commissioned by Go RVing to understand how RVs and RV travel are perceived, what benefits owners experience, and which of these benefits would be most effective in convincing a non-owner to buy, is available to the RV industry through a free PDF download at

The Harris Interactive research looking into which factors most influence RV purchase decisions shows that messages focusing on family togetherness and cost savings now resonate equally with potential RV buyers. The survey also revealed positive attitudes about the health and wellness benefits of RVing, which may help persuade non-owners to buy.

"This data enables us to fine-tune Go RVing and RVIA PR messaging to reinforce the value of RVing to current owners, and to motivate consumers to purchase an RV in the future," said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer. "Likewise, industry members can use this information to develop effective sales and marketing materials."

Survey results show that a majority of non-RV owners (67%) agree that RVing allows families to spend quality time together, and to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature. Messages about family togetherness also received a strong positive response from past RV owners and survey respondents who said they were considering a future RV purchase.

But, the cost savings offered by RVing also has a strong appeal. Three-fourths (74%) of RV owners agree with the findings of RVIA's Vacation Cost Comparison research showing that RVers save 27-to-61 percent on a typical family vacation. The same proportion (73%) of potential future RV buyers said that knowing about the cost savings would make them more likely to buy.

Also appealing to past RV owners (75%) and those with RV purchase plans (67%) were messages that RVs are becoming smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient. Recent product innovations are positioning the industry to potentially bring back former RVers and to make inroads with non-owners who are considering a purchase.

The survey also offered insight about which benefits of RVing are the strongest purchase motivators. A strong proportion of potential future RV buyers said that these factors would make them more likely to buy:

  • RVers save 27 to 61 percent on a typical family vacation - 73%
  • Couples who RV develop stronger bonds with each other - 68%
  • RVing allows you to be more physically active - 67%
  • RVing provides an escape from everyday pressure and stress - 65%
  • Kids who travel with their families by RV receive educational benefits - 58%
  • Traveling by RV reduces exposure to illnesses and other health risks - 56%

Majorities of past RV owners (61%) and potential future RV owners (59%) agreed that investing in an RV now will enable you to travel affordably and frequently in retirement.


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