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Matthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech for the RVIA Spirit of America Award   watch...

Dolly Parton Dolly Parton and her husband love their RV   watch...

Walter Ray Williams Pro Bowler Walter Ray Williams, Jr. enjoys touring the circuit in his RV   watch...

Jeff Daniels Actor/musician Jeff Daniels goes on the road for a mini music tour in his home state of Michigan. Join him on the road in his RV for a little fun as well as a few RV tips. Check out his webisodes from the road here.   watch...

Quotes Compiled by Recreation Vehicle Industry Association

Jennie Garth "The minute I step foot in the motorhome, I feel at ease. I don't have anything else to think about except taking care of my family."
    Jennie Garth, Actress
    Access Hollywood
    November, 2007

Shia LaBeouf "I'm going on a little road trip for two months...I'm just gonna get in an RV and ride around with some friends and have a good time."
    Shia LaBeouf, Actor
    (on his Summer '08 plans) contactmusic.com
    July, 2008

Bode Miller "My team is sabotaging me by not letting me sleep in my motorhome."
    Bode Miller, U.S. Olympic skier

Jim Kaat "You can’t beat the convenience and comforts of an RV," says Kaat. "It really takes the stress and hassle out of traveling."
    Jim Kaat, Former Major League Baseball Pitcher

Jeff Gordon "My RV is the only place where I can find some peace and quiet."
    Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver

Dean Karnazes "It's great for family bond and eating healthy on the road because you can prepare your own foods."
    Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathon runner and best-selling author

Rory Sabbatini "Traveling by RV is like being at home. Now my wife and son come with me on tour. That has allowed me to relax and play more events without feeling fatigued or stressed out."
    Rory Sabbatini, Pro Golfer
    interviewed on USA Network’s coverage of the Booz Allen Golf Classic
    June 25, 2004

Matthew McConaughey "Staying at the RV park. Meet the neighbors. Have a barbeque. We met some interesting characters; some great people. It’s a great way to see the country."
    Matthew McConaughey, Actor
    Live with Regis and Kelly

Matthew McConaughey "There's nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want – beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day. Whatever you want it to be, and to see the country that way – it’s awesome."
    Matthew McConaughey, Actor
    The Ellen Show
    October 10, 2005

Tisha Campbell-Martin "Here we are in the middle of America. The family is together. No telephone. No TV. Just us just spending quality time with those you care about. I really love this."
    Tisha Campbell-Martin, Actress
    as "Jay Kyle" in My Wife and Kids
    May 10, 2005

Robert De Niro "Airline travel being what it is these days – so unreliable. I’ll feel much more comfortable knowing I have my own posturepedic bed; my own thermostat; my own lavatory facility."
    Robert De Niro, Actor
    as "Jack Byrnes" in Meet the Fockers

Jim Kaat "RV travel is as relaxed a way to see the country as there can possibly be: Leave when you wish, stay where you wish, very convenient and getting better all the time. "
    Jim Kaat, Former Major League Baseball Pitcher
    American Legion Magazine
    March, 2005

Dutch Mandel "I was surprised at RVing’s high technology and serious design power."
    Dutch Mandel, Editor
    January 3, 2005

Kevin Maney "As the population has aged toward retirement, the No. 1 search term has shifted from Gucci (2002) and BMW (2003) to this year's leading term, RV — short for recreation vehicle."
    Kevin Maney, Technology Columnist
    USA Today
    December 30, 2004

John Ratzenberger "RVing changed our family for the better. Instead of playing video games my son was out learning new things in the RV."
    John Ratzenberger, actor and TV host/producer
    RVIA award ceremony, Louisville, KY,
    December 30, 2004

Mike Leonard "I visit a lot of small towns on my travels, and there’s no better way of doing this at any age than by RV, to really capture the culture of America."
    Mike Leonard, NBC Today feature correspondent
    RVIA Spirit of America Award ceremony
    November 30, 2004

Jeff Gordon "One of the reasons so many [NASCAR] drivers are using RVs is that we’re not always in places where you can stay in a nice hotel. The RV is your home away from home. It allows you to stay focused."
    Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver
    commenting on The Travel Channel's Dream RVs
    September 26, 2004

Barack Obama "As soon as this convention is over we are loading up our kids in an RV. We are traveling around to county fairs, eating ice cream and taking our two girls to the swimming pool. "
    Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President
    commenting from the floor of the Democratic National Convention following his keynote address on MSNBC's The Joe Scarborough Show
    August 2, 2004

Bill Weir "We rented an RV to find the heart and soul of America."
    Bill Weir, Weekend Host
    commenting on his family’s RV journey chronicled on ABC's Good Morning America
    August 2, 2004

Gordon Elliott "RVs have changed the nation’s roadways forever. RVers see America in style."
    Gordon Elliott, Host
    Fine Living Network's Genuine Article
    July 21, 2004

Elizabeth Chang "Did you spend the summer driving to the Grand Canyon in a minivan with no DVD player in it? Now imagine the same family vacation in an RV that has a queen-size bed, two phone lines and three TVs!"
    Elizabeth Chang, Reporter
    Washington Post's KidsPost
    July 14, 2004

Glen Ruffenach "RVing surely ranks among the most rewarding of leisure pursuits."
    Glen Ruffenach, Reporter
    The Wall Street Journal
    June 28, 2004

John Schwartz "Golfers in increasing numbers have hit the road in custom [RVs], pulling into town with their families, wives, babies, dogs and in-laws. The players say they avoid the headaches of hotels, guest housing and extensive airport security searches."
    John Schwartz, Reporter
    The New York Times
    June 17, 2004

Clarence Thomas "Being an RVer helps me do my job better. The RV world gives me a chance to balance things out. It allows me a sense of freedom."
    Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
    RVIA award luncheon, Washington D.C.
    June 7, 2004

Kevin Kelly "Wired for the latest technology and loaded with luxury amenities, RVs are hot again, as both baby boomers and Generation Xers rediscover the joy of the road trip."
    Kevin Kelly, Auto Industry Writer
    Consumers Digest
    May, 2004

Everett Potter "When you factor in convenience, affordability and sheer adventure, it’s no wonder families love RV vacations. After all, you unpack just once. You can buy groceries and prepare all your meals in the RV’s kitchen. And forget about hotels: You’ll be staying in campgrounds, spending no more than $10 to $50 a night. Want to bring along the family Labrador? That’s usually not a problem. Oh, and there’s no one to tip, either."
    Everett Potter, Award-Winning Travel Writer
    USA Weekend
    April 3, 2004

Steve Natt "It’s a big, beautiful country out there and an RV is a great way to see it."
    Steve Natt, Auto Writer and Host
    commenting on Fine Living Network's Life in the Fast Lane
    March 28, 2004

Roger Herman "Expect the future of the RV industry to be strong; more baby boomers will seek alternative lifestyles, different ways to invest their time and money, and a new sense of freedom. This demand bodes well for manufacturing, since RVs on American roads are produced in the United States, a $12 billion industry. With prices to fit a wide range of budgets, the increasing popularity of RVs will help the economy."
    Roger Herman, Strategic Business Futurist
    The Herman Trend Alert
    March 17, 2004

Mark Orwoll "With RVs you have all the conveniences of a first class hotel right behind the driver’s seat. You don’t have to make reservations. You just say, "let's hop in the RV and go!""
    Mark Orwoll, Managing Editor, Travel & Leisure Magazine
    commenting on the Fine Living Network's Tricks of the Trade
    February 23, 2004

Emily Kaufman "Recreation vehicles and the parks that accommodate them are so much better than I ever anticipated that I have become a convert."
    Emily Kaufman, Travel Writer
    Woman's Day
    April 15, 2004

Gary Burghoff "After a while, you think of it [an RV] as home. It’s a terrific way to live."
    Gary Burghoff, Actor
    (played “Radar” on M*A*S*H) Citrus County Chronicle (FL)
    October 3, 2003

"I really feel like an American because I RV through it [America]."
    Gary Burghoff, Actor
    (played “Radar” on M*A*S*H) Citrus County Chronicle (FL)
    October 3, 2003

Steve Dougherty "An RV has more living space than my last Manhattan apartment … tricked out with a satellite dish on the roof, flat-screen TVs, computer hookups and a surround-sound component stereo system that puts my own modest home system to shame."
    Steve Dougherty, Travel Writer
    The New York Times
    February 6, 2004

Jeff Daniels "I just enjoy kind of the whole RV thing. I’ve had RVs forever and of course on movie sets you live in those things."
    Jeff Daniels, Actor
    quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    January 16, 2004

David Letterman "[RVing] is a nice activity, because it’s you and the wife and the kids and you go everywhere."
    David Letterman, Host
    CBS Late Show with David Letterman
    January 13, 2004

"If I find this [missing lottery] ticket, I’d buy an RV, drive around the country with my plasma television and hit all the big cities."
        Viewer letter read on CNN Headline News
    November 12, 2003

Davis Love III "Having all your clothes in the motorhome and not having to pack suitcases, you can get used to that. Plus we can take our motorcycle."
    Davis Love III, Pro Golfer
    quoted in Golf Digest
    January 2, 2004

Mike Hegedus "RV sales are up. The RV industry is definitely in the fast lane!"
    Mike Hegedus, Correspondent
    CNBC Squawk Box
    December 2, 2003

Dolly Parton "My husband and I have a little RV that we travel around in. We enjoy [RVing]. We enjoy the outdoors and we love to drive."
    Dolly Parton, country music legend
    commenting on CBS Late Show with David Letterman
    November 12, 2003

Peter Greenberg "RV rentals are booming — and with good reason. With RVing, you control your own time, where you go, where you stay — and the price is right."
    Peter Greenberg, renowned travel expert
    commenting on Extra
    August 2, 2003

Cindy Loose "RVs are one of the hottest things in the travel industry."
    Cindy Loose, Travel Writer
    Washington Post
    July 27, 2003

Mike Andretti "It gets old sleeping in hotel rooms every weekend, and [RVing] makes things a lot more comfortable."
    Mike Andretti, Race Car Driver
    commenting on The Travel Channel's Ultimate Travel
    July 25, 2003

Billy Campbell "I've spent a fair amount of time hanging out [in RVs] and I’ve always kind of liked it."
    Billy Campbell, Actor
    commenting on The Travel Channel's Millionaire Trailer Parks
    July 20, 2003

Lou Manfredini "RVs are a national phenomenon."
    Lou Manfredini, "House Smart" columnist
    USA Weekend

Valerie Patterson "If you'd like to see the country without leaving creature comforts behind, an RV might be for you."
    Valerie Patterson, Reporter
    The Wall Street Journal
    June 19, 2003

Natasha Henstridge "We had a glamorous road trip. We upgraded from a tent to an RV."
    Natasha Henstridge, Actress and Model
    commenting on CBS Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
    June 4, 2003

Doris Lohrman "[RVs] offer hassle-free adventure and money savings."
    Doris Lohrman, Writer
    Better Homes & Gardens
    June, 2003

Rob Lowe "My kids love riding around in these big [RVs] -- like an old fashioned American road trip like when I was a kid."
    Rob Lowe, Actor
    commenting on E! Entertainment Television's Revealed with Jules Asner
    March 28, 2002

Dirk Kempthorne "Dirk Kempthorne lauded the RV industry as "dynamic" and asked industry representatives to lead efforts to reconnect Americans with the Great Outdoors during RVIA's 45th Annual Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky."
    Dirk Kempthorne, Former U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary
        November 27, 2008

Drew Barrymore "It was one of the most fun, soul-fulfilling, entertaining, interesting experiences of my life! "
    Drew Barrymore, Actress
    discussing her month-long RV trip on The Tonight Show
    February 4, 2009

Will Smith "Education isn’t just school. Let your kids do stuff and go places and see things. My father put us in a camper, I was about 12 years old, and we were all in a camper and we drove cross-country."
    Will Smith, Actor
    on The Late Show with David Letterman
    December 18, 2008

Al Roker "We’ll get an RV and go down to the Super Bowl!"
    Al Roker, American television broadcaster
    on Today
    January 19, 2009

Ludacris "I have everything I need on there.  I got my shower, everything you need to cook...I love it!"
    Ludacris, Rapper/Actor
    Chelsea Lately
    March 30, 2010

Greg Louganis "'Home is in California, but the RV, it's a house on wheels,' Louganis said. 'We always got our four dogs with us, so we've got everything we need there.'"
    Greg Louganis, Four-time Olympic diving gold medalist
    May 27, 2010

Gilbert Brown "'It was eye-opening,' he says of his introduction to RVs. 'Once you experience something like that, it’s contagious.' "
    Gilbert Brown, Former NFLK Star
    USA Today
    June 2, 2010

Terry Bradshaw "People love us. People want to get in our RVs, people want to take them out..."
    Terry Bradshaw, NFL Hall of Fame QB
    48th National RV Trade Show, Louisville, KY
    November 30, 2010

Mats Wilander "I like camping so I like to drive around in the Winnebago...I don't like airplanes, airports and hotels that much...and I thought if I could incorporate camping and teaching tennis...then this is a great thing."
    Mats Wilander, Former Grand Slam Tennis Champion
    Wall Street Journal
    March 3, 2011


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