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What is RVIA?

The national trade association representing nearly 300 manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs manufactured in the United States.

What is a Recreation Vehicle (RV)?

A vehicle designed as temporary living quarters for recreational camping, travel or seasonal use. RVs may have their own motor power (as in the case of motorhomes); may be mounted (as are truck campers); or towed by another vehicle (as are travel trailers and folding camping trailers). Not included in the RV definition are conversion vehicles, off-road vehicles and manufactured housing for long term residences (manufactured and modular housing).

RV Types (sold by recreation vehicle dealers):

  • Motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Folding Camping Trailers
  • Truck Campers

RVIA Membership

68 Recreation Vehicle Manufacturers
22 Park Model RV Manufacturers
199 Suppliers
7 Manufacturer's Representatives
84 Associates
13 Finance Firms

393 Total


Major RVIA Activities

  • Represents the RV industry and serves as the chief source for shipment statistics, market research and technical data.
  • Works to promote RV travel by providing information to the media and general public.
  • Maintains an inspection program to periodically audit RV manufacturers' compliance with the NFPA 1192 RV Standard. Also, RVIA provides an ongoing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) educational program for its members.
  • Sponsors the California RV Show (open to the public) and the National RV Trade Show, the industry's premiere event where industry officials convene to do business on behalf of manufacturers, dealers and supplier companies:
64th Annual California RV Show                                           
LA Fairplex
Pomona, California
Oct. 7-16, 2016
Contact:     RVIA Western Office:
  Tom Gaither
  (818) 248-6600
National RV Trade Show
Kentucky Expo Center
Louisville, Kentucky
Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2016 (Not open to the public)
Contact:  RVIA
  Scott Graham
  (703) 620-6003 ext. 366
  • Meets with government representatives regarding state and national legislation affecting the RV industry. Current issues include energy, franchising, warranties, financial or credit restraints, product liability, licensing, titling and registration procedures, highway use rules and the development of more scenic byways.
  • Works with national regulatory bodies including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration and the United States Park Service regarding regulations affecting the RV industry.
  • Develops and participates in industry service technician training programs to build a strong base of trained RV service technicians. National efforts include directing the National RV Technical Institute, conducting four annual Trouble Shooter Clinics, developing RV service technician textbooks and shop training manuals, administering the RVDA/RVIA Certification Test.

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